Business In Cyprus


The Republic of Cyprus provides an excellent location for establishing and holding companies through its transparent legal system, with clear influences from its English counterpart. The island's market economy and lack restrictions on movements of capital and people - in full harmonization with EU laws and regulations - make it an ideal investment centre. Cyprus is a member of the European Union and the Eurozone, while its tax system is fully compliant with EU and OECD requirements. Since joining the EU in 2004, Cyprus has become a prominent investment gateway of the region connecting the EU and the dynamic economies of Central and Eastern Europe, and particularly Russia, Ukraine, China and India.

An Ideal Holding Company Location Of The EU And The Eastern Mediterranean Region

Tax Benefits

Citizenship (Cyprus Investment Programme) Scheme

Tax Benefits Of Individuals & Prospective Investors In Cyprus

The benefits afforded by Cyprus' existing corporate and financial status quo render Cyprus a highly attractive investment and intermediate holding company jurisdiction, offering the following benefits:

Cyprus can also be used as a location for an ultimate holding company, in particular being ideal for any fund or investment vehicle, as there is no tax on transactions in securities as defined, even if this is the specific entity's main trading activity. With there not being any withholding tax on dividends, there is no ambiguity or lack of clarity over recovery of paid tax.

The Ideal Location To Settle Disputes

The influence of the English legal system and case law have allowed Cyprus to preserve and implement a judicial structure whereby all cases are concluded precisely, while applying a contemporary and fair approach, fully based on case law precedents, in dispute settlements through multi-jurisdictional court actions and procedures.

Legal fees in Cyprus are competitive and in line with the European Union and international standards. Legal, court and local administration fees are also very competitive, in comparison to other countries providing a level of excellence equal to that of Cyprus.